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One-on-One Peer Support

We are trained as peer support workers through The Gatehouse to work with survivors, providing support by drawing on lived experiences of trauma and resilience accumulated from healing journeys. With this form of support, we seek to help survivors recognize, develop and build on their inherent capacity for resiliency and empowerment. Since the inception of ANBU, we have provided support to approximately 200 participants within the Tamil community. We hope to expand the number of professionally skilled support staff and build our volunteer network, expanding our reach and maintaining high quality of service.


“As a survivor, I came across ANBU while searching for support at a particularly low point in my life. Through ANBU’s services and events, I’ve grown into someone I am happy and proud to be. More importantly, I’ve learned to accept myself, with all my experiences. This organization was created to fill a need in our community, and it has really taken everyone by storm. It’s great to be connected with other survivors who help educate and raise awareness within the Tamil community.”

– Anonymous